Perception vs Reality

Perception -  Hondo’s father gave him a camera when he was 12
and he fell in love with photography ever since.
He was so smart he could have been a doctor but chose to
follow his passion and became a photographer instead.

Reality - He learnt his trade working part-time as a studio assistant while still in school.
As a kid, he dreamt of playing football for Man Utd but he couldn’t bend it like Beckham
nor was he good in his studies either, so he dropped out of college and ended up
as a photographer. (Cos he's good at it and it pays the bill)

Perception - Hondo’s rates are skyhigh so that he can pay for his Rolex, BMW
 and luxurious beachfront house that he lives in with his supermodel girlfriend.

Reality - He does not own any of these and still lives with his mum. His rates are affordable
and reasonably priced in relation to the high quality of his works.
He travels to work by BMW (Bus, MRT & Walking).

Perception - Hondo is booked 2 years in advance and only photographs VIPs, celebrities
and major ad campaigns. He needs to be appreciated and is way out of your league. Why bother?

Reality - Every assignment is important to him and he doesn't need to be appreciated.
He just need to be paid (so that he can finally get his rolex, bmw and find a supermodel girlfriend).
Drop him an email or give him a call to discuss your needs.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised.



One of Singapore’s leading lensman specialising in portraiture, Hondo is ranked at the top of his profession by high profile corporate clients and celebrities who value the importance of having outstanding headshots for their corporate collaterals, editorial work, personal profiles or record covers.

He has created personal portraits for VIPs like the President and First Lady of Singapore Dr & Mrs Tony Tan, the wife of former Singapore Prime Minister Mrs Goh Chok Tong, ambassadors from the United States, Europe and Asia as well as a quarter of Forbes Singapore Top 40 2011. Corporations that hire him for executive headshots include UBS, Drew & Napier, Oracle and SCCCI and he was also the official photographer for 2 consecutive editions of “People At The Peak Directory” and the 100th Year Anniversary of SCCCI. Corporate headshots created by him literally list the who’s who of the corporate arena like CEO of UOB Group Mr Wee Ee Cheong, UBS Head of Global Wealth Management Mr Carlo Grigioni, MD of Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific Mr Tom Ianotti, President of HBO Asia Mr Charles Murrell and President of Heineken Asia Pacific Mr Siep Hiemstra.

Hondo is also known for his commercial and conceptual works together with advertising powerhouse Ogilvy & Mather in major ad campaigns for clients like Nokia for their Christmas Online Specials 2003 in the Asia Pacific region and “Tiger Translate”, a project conceived by Tiger Beer in 2006 to uncover over 150 multi-disciplinary creatives from across Asia. In 2008, he was commissioned to photograph the Grid Girls of Formula One's inaugural season in Singapore.  Other advertising assignments includes Swatch, Balmain, Changi Airport, Singtel and BYSI.

His fashion and celebrity works embrace models from regional modeling agencies Carrie Models, Diva Models and artistes from Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia, including several Singapore Star Search winners and the record cover for Indonesia’s singing sensation Joy Tobing’s first international album produced in the UK. He also contributes his works to charitable causes like The Breast Cancer Foundation and Club Rainbow.

Hondo’s uncanny ability to create images that showcase the persona of his subjects and his proficiency in digital post production make him a photographer of choice for many today.



























































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